PowerHut Experience..what an eXperience

Have you gone to SPA in Amman Lately? if yes, then you would know what I am talking about, and if not, then you still would know what I am talking about.

When door is opened to a piece of Heaven located in shmeisani at PowerHut Gym. new definition of SPA is being served  in Amman. Alqasr Fitness centre is being renovated and more is on the plate.

new and unique experience I had on PowerHut, after disappeared from fitness scene in Amman for a while, it is getting rid of ashes and fly like Phenix does.

It is the smile of tutor and welcoming greeting what got your eyes, personally followed up by tutor pushing you forward and stepping up for more personal- big brother relationship.

I got my repeats as fast as I could, planning to have SPA pleasure, and could not imagine the hihg standard of archetecture, Hygene, creativity, and SPA knowledge has been invested in this place.

the volcanic tiles got my eyes, reflects cool blue and firey Red colours, a humming symphonic music helps me to relax, Sauna and Steam can be similar to other places, but is it? I say not a chance, it is so clean and gives the proper educational experience. followed by ICe fountain with blue lights on, rub your self with crsuhed ice to stimulate your body after heat.

a refreshing, aromatic sprayed me at therapy showers with to the mood, or tropical warm rain drops. left me somewhere in Centre of Africa and shores of Maldives islands.

heated ceramic seats designed as recliners, with proper heat, make you relax and got a refreshing nap. next to open-sky hot jacuzzi.

the PowerHut experience wawed me, and I am not even working for them, I am one month member as gift by my lovely wife in occasion for my Birthday.


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