CGR – Day 2 ( 13 Jun 2011)


I started my second day with more confidence, my first session was “The Role of Internal Audit and Controls in CG” in which Saleh Hussien and Rania Mardini dazzled us how internal audit and risk are a mandate for any successful organization,  Yehia Al Hakeem had great discussion in which Saleh and Rania welcomed. Second session was “CG Reporting” Jaleel Tarif from Amman stock shared with proud Jordanian success story in information disclosure regulation for companies, then Hameed Rahma explained Bahrain experience as one of 5 Arab countries ( abu Dhabi, Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain and Egypt) that applied information disclosure.

My Last session was CR in the Supply Chain by Frank Clary who relate supply chain by securing the inputs as output of other industry in order closing the cycle of raw material that helped in recycling and keeping our Earth Green. session was more into environmental session and CR rather supply chain management and CR. However, the session was inspiring and engaged attendees by doing focus groups.

The Event was great on personal level, as it relate me to my Arab spring desires but into Positive frame that helped Arab Spring to be more flourishing and productive.


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