CGR..What? CSR Who?

CGR (Corporate Governance Responsibility) did not mean to me more than an abbreviation might be used to intimidate or use to show off knowledge, the day started with simple open ceremony confirmed my prejudice about the subject, until Ghassan Nuqul has a visual chart of what is a CGR, that when I figured out that CGR is just a professional conduct towards work environment. It is just around the corner of my knowledge of business engineering processes
At first session titled “CG Case Studies from the Middle East”, Ghassan Nuqul and Salim Othmani did highlight how they applied CG in transforming family business with inherited challenges to multi million daily growing business. Ghassan did acknowledge that CR is not Government role only rather its a community role, I discussed this point with Ghassan who is by the way very down to earth guy despite his sharp look. He interpreted his view that its better for people to start serving rather seeking reform, as out of his experience reform is long complicated process requires efforts and resources not yet pushed into the reform process. I enjoyed Saleh Hussien questions that energized the session led by Philip Armestrong.
During coffee break I had the chance to nearly switch for “ethics code” in which was disappointment due to no presentation and main speaker “Badry Mouchy” had read from a book rather than keeping eye contact with audience. And Naserdin from Primus did not add much, by asking who would be against documenting ethics code in their organization then he commented that he would kill any who might disagree!
Only then Yahia AlHakeem shared his beloved point of view, which I followed after during lunch break. Lunch was good and LandMark did will in renovation, and I enjoyed company of Edith hunt who is so simple and loveable considering her worldwide reputation. And ofcorse my colleague ambassador Garth made discussion even more intellectual.
Session after was “CR and HR, and Managing Corporate Volunteerism
, where Edith and Louisa took us in CSR role and its impact on lives of people via 10 thousands award-winning program. Louisa shared with us her tour in CSR via Vodaphone- Qatar.
Last session I attended was the highlight of the day by two great speakers, Dr. Odeh Jayousi and Dr. Maqbooleh Hamoudeh, who both made me feel ashamed of my ignorance of CGR and CSR, as they are one of Islamic concepts, and they related it to a very common Quran and Hadeeth verses. This session had so many great ideas and implementation of how CSR is something we can do, despite the idea of “reverse engineering” that kept running at back my mind, and asked by Saudi attendee from NCB, but time was off and could not got the answer by speakers. Sessions of Sustainability in Islam is big area of research that would require more time and more researcher, as you only can feel proud during this session, showing that CGR, CSR and sustainability are not western concepts after all.


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