Thank You Martyrs of Freedom

In my first blog, I would like to thank all Martyrs in Tunisia, Egypt and everywhere for the last 50 years, in which we can notice how revolutionary youth of this generation are repeating songs, poetry, phrases from old-time, when words crossed borders with no need for internet.

Thank You, for lifting our spirit and motivate us to believe in our voices and our voices can be heard, and if not, we will find  a way to be heard and act upon.

Thank You for lighting the spark for my thoughts and seeking of liberty to cross over internet and publish my blogs, which may not help protestors in Egypt or third world. but surely it will help me to express and this will have the domino effect towards my network which may one day will involve in CHANGE, positive one.

Thank You for empowering us with desire to live and express, not just living.

Thanks and pray to God to reward you with heavens.



2 thoughts on “Thank You Martyrs of Freedom

  1. osama كتب:

    مقال جميل وكتابه شيقه ..
    عيشتنا في بث حي ومباشر كأننا معك لدرجة انو صار راسي يوجعني من الضربه
    انا بهنيك والى الامام.

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